Less is more

Owning a Hasselblad really has changed my approach to photography. Funny how the more money you throw at an (analogue) camera, the less you seem to get for it.

You don’t get built in flash, you don’t get auto-exposure, auto-focus, or auto-anything.

What you do get is a lightproof box, a beautiful design, a high quality lens. And the chance to learn a lot about photography. I’m not underestimating the value of the lightproof box, the thought that’s gone into the design, or the quality of the lens. But it is what it is. And in many ways that is the most incredible thing about the Hasselblad.

Though I’ve always known that shutter speed and aperture (and film speed) are linked – if you change one you have to make a corresponding change to another to keep the balance.


After 2 months using Vlad (I call it that because it has a little spike on the lens to adjust the focus) I am beginning to understand the power of that.

I’m using a hand held meter which gives me an exposure value (EV), corresponding to pairings of shutter speed and aperture at a given film speed, so all I have to do is set the EV. A button that locks the EV ensures that when I change aperture, the shutter speed changes too. And though when I’ve been outside in sunny conditions I’ve metered every shot, the EV does not change much until the light falls off towards sunset.

And I’m learning, not so much by trial and error because there are only 12 shots on a roll, but by thinking. Taking my time and using my brain. It’s not a speed camera, and not a stealth camera either, the mirror makes a massive thunk when you press the shutter.


And while I have gone in for a few accessories, they’re limited to a pc cord so I can use a flash, and no, that’s not a hand grenade I’m holding but a 20 ft cable release. Though to be honest, as much as I can get my head round the EVs and depth of field calculations, my success with the cable release has yet to climb above 50-50.


4 thoughts on “Less is more

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