Pity the poor agent

BookEnds literary agency started a new writing contest last week.

Over the next few months they’ll be asking you to post the first 100 words in the following genres:

Paranormal Romance/Romance With Fantasy Elements

Erotic Romance

Women’s Fiction

Romantic Suspense

Contemporary Romance


Historical Romance

So far they’ve had 176 comments in the first category of “mystery” and while not every commenter has posted their opening scenes, there are a lot of entries to get through.

The prize? Well apart from the chance to have your query letter, synopsis, and opening chapter critiqued there’s a chance the agency might offer to represent the winning author.
In the clouds
(just a photo I chose at random)
Before you ask, I’m not entering. But is is really illuminating to read the entries and imagine yourself the agent who has to decide whether any of these are novels worth looking into. It reminds me of the importance of a good opening line.

And though I don’t mean any offence to the writers who added their entries – it’s a brave move to put them up on a blog for the world to see – I did end up pitying the poor agent who has to read through the whole lot.



  1. I’m actually familiar with that agency. It’s a very reputable place. They really give submissions a fair chance. I’ll also say that they are one of the few US agencies I know of that when an author includes proper return postage, will actually return a manuscript.

    That counts for something.

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