how do you find time to write?

Or blog for that matter.

With a busy week ahead of me, I know I’m not going to fit much writing or blogging into my schedule.

Amazing what you can achieve

So if I don’t post much this week, you’ll know why. If you have any tips on how to squeeze out more time from somewhere, leave a comment.


One comment

  1. 1) a really small notebook. I use a moleskine cahier and it fits into any small space. Lets me jot ideas.
    2) I sometimes write my blog entry when I’m waiting for transport or similar. I can type into my phone, email to myself and upload (yes I know I could upload straight away, but the typos and lack of pix would in may case be undesirable).
    3) Blogging. set a limit. 10 mins per day is a findable amount of time. Less can be good and is better than zero.

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