Word count progress meter

Nanowrimo starts today.

All around the world nervous novelists are getting up early get the first precious words down in the scramble to write 50,000 words in just one month, but are finding themselves drawn to the internet instead. I know because I’ve been there, and because of the search engine hits I’m getting for progress meters and survival tips.

To make things easy, all my Nanowrimo posts are here. I’ve had to close comments on old posts because of the massive amounts of spam they attract, but do please leave a comment here, with a link to your blog if you’re blogging your novel or about the process.

If you have a WordPress blog there’s a couple of nifty writing plugins: daily word count and writing projects.

But don’t fret about word counts, progress meters, tracking charts, just start writing.

The Matterhorn

It is a huge uphill struggle at the start but when you get to the end and look back on the month it’s a great feeling (sorry about the visual pun – I couldn’t resist).

Good luck!

Now disconnect from the internet and get writing!



  1. Thanks for your encouraging words, Debra. I’ve just started Nanowrimo for the first time, I am a short story writer and this is very difficult! I’ve done 3400 words so far… but it’s like pulling teeth. I have a main character and no plot at all! OK, back to work….
    PS Check out my new venture, we launched yesterday http://www.theshortreview.com .

  2. I’m planning a splurge on this tomorrow (er today, actually) – I’m only at 1900 so far and need to somehow get ahead. My excessive Friday and sundry chores as well as some work-work during saturday means I need to find a spot where I can focus before next week kicks in.

    Good luck with yours, I shall be checking and making encouraging noises from time to time!


  3. Hi Tania, hope it’s going well. That new site looks interesting too – thanks for the posting the link

    Jeremy – just checked out your nano wiki – looks like it’s going well.

    rashbre – I’m not taking part this year – I knew that spending the 1st week at a meeting in Swaziland would put me impossibly behind right from the start. Anyway, I still have 2 nano novels to finish off.

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