cross processing

I’ve wanted to try it for a long time. Part of the fun of having a cheap camera like the Holga is the experimentation.

By the time I’d finished the film and taken it to the photographer’s, I couldn’t remember what was on it. Nor can I remember exactly where I took this shot. I do know it’s a shot of the Matterhorn. At least I’m sure of that.

Matterhorn xpro

If you don’t know what cross processing is, it’s when you take a slide film, like this one, and get it developed in film chemicals. Slide film is positive, but the process gives you negatives, and somewhere along the way the colours get all messed up. Sometimes in a good way.

This one, to be brutally honest with myself, hasn’t really worked. But there are others on the roll that look ace.

And in a digital world, if you don’t like the effect your scanner, or photo editing software will be able to adjust it back to something like normal.

If you already knew about cross processing you’ll have ignored that, I expect.


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