Word counts and work in progress

I’ve added a couple of new features to this blog, using some wordpress plugins on gnomebox.com

You might have noticed the green progress bar on the right – that represents the progress towards what I hope will be the final edits of my novel in progress.


I’ve also added a daily word count, which, kind of annoyingly, indicates that I haven’t done any writing all year until yesterday. Well that’s not quite true, but it’s just how the plugin works.

From here on though, it will show up on all posts, so I’m going to promise myself that I can only post to my blog if I’ve done a bit of writing first. It’s a good incentive, as it’s the only way to get the count to show up.



  1. Through an obtuse Google search, I landed on your blog. Glad I found it, as we share some interests, especially monitoring tools and tricks of the trade for writers, which I cover in my own blog.

    Regarding word counts, you might be interested in “Word Counter for Microsoft Word” available at . The feature I like most is the ability to get word counts for all documents in a folder, really useful for anyone writing many chapters in a book.

  2. Hi Tom

    You have a great blog that would be worthwhile for other writers to check out. Thanks for the link to my write it now review.
    It’s a shame that the web address for the word count didn’t come out. I’ve tried emailing you to get it, but no luck so far. If you could let me have it I’ll add it to the your comment.

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