shopping, holiday plans and yoga

It was bound to happen.

Though I’ve felt like a normal person for months now I knew it was unlikely I was totally free of chronic fatigue. But as each day went by and I felt normal, my confidence grew. Whatever it was, I was doing something right, and as long as I kept on doing it. That’s the theory.

It’s quite cruel that a fortnight from my holiday – the first trip to the Alps since I the CF came back – that I get another attack.


But that’s just how it is.

I just did too much: too much working late, followed by a weekend with my in-laws who have boundless energy. And I was enjoying a mammoth shopping trip where me and my mother in law tempted each other to buy clothes. But I didn’t heed the signs, I just got up the next day and carried on as normal.

A week later, I’m beginning to feel better.

Yesterday was the 1st day when my energy levels increased during the day – that’s a good sign.

I’d stopped doing the Five Tibetan Rites for a few days, but went back to them tentatively, at the weekend. They are pretty strenuous and it feels like madness to ‘waste’ energy on them when I don’t have any to spare.

But maybe they’re what’s making the difference.

We’ll see.



  1. Have just read your account, and I am knackered reading it! Hope you are well at present. Staying with Maureen and her husband for a few days in Birmingham. Saw Bob conducting his Schools concert Orchestra on Saturday evening.

    Loads of love xx

  2. Is there an easy way to read your cf blog from the beginning? I’m a bit blog challenged, and can’t quite figure out how to get to the beginning and read on from there.
    My doctor seems to think that I have cf, and I’m not discounting it at this point. It might explain things.

  3. Maria – thanks, I am much better now.

    Patti – you were right. Hiking was the plan.

    Michelle – the only problem with blogs is that they are backwards (and upside down) if you want to start at the beginning. But if you start at the bottom of this page

    and keep clicking the newer entries, it should work.

    I hope you don’t have CF, but if you do, it really helps to have an understanding doctor.

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