Casino Royale


What was I saying about insomnia? I wish I’d never mentioned it because of course, I had it last night. Lost a couple of hours sleep and woke up feeling groggy and weak.

I did my exercises but 14 rounds felt like too much, not a good start to the day.

In the end though, I survived a shopping trip, by dragging myself onto a tram mid way (public transport is a good way to rest, if you can get a seat) and went to an early showing of Casino Royale at the cinema. I even managed a pizza afterwards and still had the strength in my arms to cut up my meal.

What is it this time? Last time I had this, a pattern quickly emerged (as far as I can remember anyway) and I was able to plan my life relatively easily. This time round, spells of CF don’t fit into neat pigeon-holes.

After a bad night ‘s sleep, shouldn’t I be feeling ill? Or have I just remembered it all wrong?

I suppose I should just shut up and be thankful that it’s going this well (with the small victories kind of approach that CF sufferers adopt) but I want to understand it, so I can take control.