Why me?

In April this year, without warning, I had a relapse of chronic fatigue.

I knew what it was straight away – a particular kind of exhaustion descended on me. It couldn’t be anything else. I was walking down the street one Saturday morning when I noticed how the muscles in my legs ached. I’d been for a run the day before, but as I was regular runner, I knew that it wasn’t the reason.

As the day wore on, my tiredness grew and I had to cut short my plans and come home. I spent the rest of the weekend asleep on the sofa. That was the start of book 2 of my chronic fatigue story. Since then, there have been improvements and relapses.

It is possible to recover from chronic fatigue – I’ve already proved that. In the last 12 years – post CFS – I’ve led an active life that’s included Himalayan treks and mountaineering.

But somewhere along the line, things went wrong again. That’s part of the trouble with Chronic fatigue – you don’t know what’s aggravated it until after the event, so it’s hard to hunt down the suspects.

So I’m going to keep a record and hopefully find out what works for me this time around.