8 things meme

Adi tagged me for this one. It’s really hard for me not to cheat and use a list I prepared earlier but I’ll do my best.

  1. I’m left handed – it’s was a bit of a problem when I was younger, but since they put ring pulls on cans of tomatoes, it’s hardly ever an issue.
  2. When I was a teenager, my mother used to keep a photo of me, (aged 8 ) by the front door, I swear it was an attempt to scare off potential boyfriends.
  3. I make the best savoury chocolate pasta you will ever taste. Or is that the only savoury chocolate pasta you’ll ever eat?
  4. I’m scared of spiders, unless I have a pint pot and a piece of card at hand.
  5. Stanedge

  6. I love hill walking but there are no hills in the country where I live.
  7. I’m a website expert, but I’ve never had any formal (or informal) training.
  8. On bad days, I worry that I have more virtual friends than real ones. On good days, I joke about it.
  9. I always say I have 2 brothers, but actually I have 3. It’s just that I haven’t met the 3rd one yet.

Now I need to tag 6 people. Bearing in mind my no.7 admission, (and the fact that adi has already tagged one of my actual friends) this might prove difficult.

jai, kathryn, pa moed, sharon, rashbre, roger consider yourself tagged, but if anyone else wants to spontaneously add themselves – please do so. Don’t forget that you’ll be helping me out by bumping up the numbers or my virtual (and by some dodgy process of reasoning also my actual) friends.



  1. okay, you got me. I neverheard of chocolate pasta by the way. Is it ordinary pasta with chocolate sauce, or is the chocolateyness in the actual pasta? I need to know!

  2. Roger – I look forward to seeing your list. The chocolate is in the pasta, by the way. And it’s not a pudding!

  3. Okay – I fell into this one.

    I will do the meme but it may be a couple of days before I can get to it.

    The picture is excellent, by the way. I know that spider trick, but they have to be over a certain size before they start to scare me. The small ones with regular habits (eg walking around the room at 23:30) are fine.

  4. I’m immensely curious about the savoury chocolate pasta!

    I don’t mind spiders (I will still kill them if they invade my space, tho), but I freak at anything with more than eight legs.

  5. wow
    so i managed to brought u back
    kudos to me 😉
    and after that healthy dose of self appreciation, i wud like to say it is a nice tag. i wud like to taste the pasta though. it might be nicer.
    perhaps u’ll meet ur third brother when u visit india. and there are many hills to climb also.
    lets see what our common friend comes up with. he’s not been a regular these days. cud u persuade him to it. pls.
    hey, u haven’t visited delhidreams for a long time… c ya there

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