Simple pleasures

There are times when life feels so good, just from simple pleasures, that I want to burst into song, or hug someone. Ever get that?

So here’s a few random reasons why:

1. Last weekend I met up with writer and blogger P A Moed in Amsterdam, over lunch. She’s the 1st virtual friend I’ve met and I had a great time and found that we had many things in common.

2. The hot spell that seems like it’s going to go on for ever, and brings out the best in Amsterdam.

Al Fresco
3. When a critiquing relationship broke down half way through the process, I’ve found 3 willing victims kind souls who are willing to read and give feedback on my novel.

4. I’ve just booked a week of sun on a Greek Island.

5. If I take things easy, I just might be beginning to recover some of my energy.

Anyone else have a reason to be happy?



  1. Yup – Just booked a ferry to France for tomorrow and a return in 3 weeks time and I have no fixed plan of how I’m going to spend the days in between. Although I am confident that they will include Ljubljana, Gin & Tonic and the Cote d’Azur 🙂

  2. Just got home from vacation – vacation was great, being home is even better, and the AC is working. Life IS good.

    Lucky you getting to meet Ms. Moed!! I’m sure she’ll be writing tons of wonderful new travel articles when she gets home.

  3. It was a lot of fun meeting you, too, Debra! Your company on that blazingly sunny day on the terrace of Cafe de Jaren, the great view of Amsterdam, and a delicious lunch are forever etched into my mind! Have a great time in Greece.

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