Author spam

While most of the spam that comes my way at work is of the b!g p€n!s variety, something I really don’t need to worry about especially when I’m working, last week I got my first spam specifically aimed at writers.

I was touched.

I’m not sure why they targeted the administrative offices of an environmental organisation, but I’d like to think that it was specifically aimed at me.


According to the spammer, there are main two things that authors want:

An ugly and overpriced website that will likely do nothing to further a writer’s career other than irritate her potential readership. That wasn’t how the email was worded, but I checked it out to save you the bother.

They called it “your own multi-page website address devoted just for your title not one of those lists that show many titles and don’t really feature any of them.” But to be honest they don’t make it sound much more appealing.

Sleeping pills – to prevent those sleepless nights “stressing and worrying over your book”.

But you’ll probably only need the sleeping pills if you shell out for the website and have to cope with the barrage of hate mail from disgruntled visitors.


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