Nepal in crisis

Things are not looking good for democracy in Nepal, which has reached a new low. A shoot-on-sight curfew has been extended by the government, intended to put a stop to rallies demanding the end of the rule of King Gyanendra.

According to the BBC website 100,000 people turned out for the rally and at least people have been killed.

Prayer Wheels at the Monkey temple - Kathmandu

The king is not exactly a champion of human rights – within 2 days of assuming power after the massacre of the Royal family by the Nepalese crown prince, Gyanendra had the owner of a dissenting newspaper and 2 executives arrested for treason.

It’s all to easy to forget that this dreadful situation has been going on for years. And what luxury those of us who live in relative democracy have, where we can take to the streets (or just go about our business) without having to worry that it might cost us our lives.