Chi running reloaded


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After a long break, I’ve been running again for the last month.

I haven’t been for a barefoot run, and I’m not sure if I’ll go back to it. I’m not sure central Amsterdam’s tolerance stretches to barefoot running, and it’s nice to be invisible when I run.

Whatever happens, the experience isn’t wasted. Chi running makes much more sense to me after my barefoot runs.

Even if you don’t intend trying out barefoot running, just walking around barefoot at home helps. Notice how it feels.

Imagine that vibration when you walk around barefoot, multiplied when you run. You can feel the jarring in your head.

It’s a good incentive to tread more lightly and keep the force off your heels. Otherwise you’ll be giving your brain a workout – but not in a good way.



  1. One of the major difference i noticed between india and the western lifestyle was this simple thing, ‘walking barefoot’.

    Here, we spend most of our time without any accesories for the feet. Infact, it is almost mandatory to remove your shoes or slippers before entering a home. And mandatory if you are entering a religious place like a temple, a mosque or a gurudwara.

    Shoes or other things are meant only for the ou-of-home life.

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