David Irving jailed

Headline on today’s Guardian website:

Irving jailed for Holocaust denial
Three years for British historian who described Auschwitz as a fairytale.”

People will cite freedom of speech in his defence – it looks like Mr Irving may do so himself in his appeal.

But it seems absurd to say the least, for someone to who attempted to rewrite history and denied the existance of Auschwitz gas chambers and extermination camps under the Third Reich, to talk about freedom of speech.

Mr Irving appeared in court, parading a copy of one of his books in front of the cameras. I bet he’s glad he brought it with him, a work of fiction is the best thing to pass the time on his 3 year jail term.


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  1. Amazing, that all of a sudden he found Nazi documents after all these years to authenticate the existance of Auschwitz.

    On a lighter note…you’ve been tagged. See my blog.

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