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My yoga teacher wished me happy valentine’s day. My boss did too.

My mother in law (bless her) reminded my partner to get me a card and chocolates. We’ve been together 9 years – I’d be suspicious if he came home this year with heart shaped chocs and a bunch of roses.

I even wished my flickr contacts happy v day – and I have no idea why I did that.

The thing I hate about v day is that it’s so unimaginative. If you love someone, you don’t have to wait until some marketing guy tells you it’s the right time to be romantic. Romance isn’t about that – The OED lists:

a prevailing sense of wonder or mystery surrounding the mutual attraction in a love affair.

as a definition of romance, but I don’t see any wonder or mystery in V day.
Were you a sheep this v day?
Last weekend, my partner took me to a record shop. He pulled out a list of CDs he’d drawn up in December. I got one of the CDs for christmas. But he kept the list, so he can get me the others when he sees them.

That’s romantic.



  1. Absolutely, Debra! I agree. Who needs Hallmark and the big chocolate companies to tell us this is the day we show our love to others? And this is how we should show it. Shouldn’t it be every day (or as close to that as we can)?

  2. We don’t celebrate Valentine’s day at all, but we did celebrate this past weekend because Monday was our 24th wedding anniversary. 😀 Celebrations in our family are decidedly humble by most people’s standards, but are is just as meaningful, if not more so.


  3. Patti – literary feasts are also fun and they can happen any time of year.

    Willena – congratulations for your wedding anniversary.

    Patry – perhaps he’ll get you the chocolate another time?

  4. Greetings:
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  5. Wow – A book recommendation for St. Valentine’s day.

    Sadly I believe that Debra is already a “Master of the Jinn” (sic) and as such wouldn’t need to read about it. She’s also a wizard of the tonic incidentally.

  6. Thanks Marco.

    Irving, I’m not keen on my blog being used as free advertising, so I’ve deleted the url of the website, though I’ve kept the comment – if people want to find you, they can.

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