Nanowrimo day 22

I am tantalisingly close to 50k – at 49,022 words, but my target for this year was 60,000 words.

Congratulations are due to the angler who has hit 50k and is still going

and Robert Ellis who is calling it a day at 50,181

And well done to rashbre who at 36k is catching up nicely

It’s amazing what we’re capable of when we try to stretch ourselves.



  1. Way to go, Debra! I look forward to watching your wordcount continue to rise. I’m at 43,000 and haven’t even had time to write today, but just heading there now. I hope to break 50,000 by Thanksgiving (Thursday) morning. I have a feeling I’ll end up close to 60,000 in order to truly finish the story.

    Congratulations to everyone who’s reached or is close to reaching their goals!!

  2. I like to see writers trully finishing their novels. I’m inspired. Congrats to yourself and everyone who’s topped and will be topping 50K. That’s what it’s all about. Now on to join the 60K word club. (I hope.)

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