Nanowrimo progress meter

The NaNoWriMoProMe (Nanowrimo progress meter) is no more because it was sucking too much band width. Thanks to Jeff for providing it as long as he could.

Alternatives are: – UPDATE – this site wasn’t responding on 9 November, but was ok last time I checked.

Thanks to Kimi for this one from Zokutou – it’s similar to the one used on the Nanowrimo site but you can make it look prettier.

I haven’t found any others but if you know of one, leave a comment and I’ll add it to the list.



  1. I changed the code as I said I would, so that the meter scales better to smaller sizes.

    The image width is the sum of several parameters summed as follows:

    actual width = {width} + {border} + 1

    The smallest I’ve gotten it to go while retaining legibility is a true size of 102×25 as follows:

  2. Okay, the html got stripped. Here it is again:

    <img src=”″ />

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