Nanowrimo survival tips 6 – Forget about how the others are doing

Last year, I was horrified to see the word counts of other participants.

Some people would have you believe they’d written 100,000 words on the 1st day.

Others maintained that they wrote 4-5,000 words a day and were finished in two weeks.

But most people don’t make it to the end – even more don’t have the courage to start.

Don’t pay attention to what others are up to

Whether you write the 1st hundred words or reach a 100,000 you will have still written more words than you would have done if you hadn’t signed up.

So don’t worry about getting to the end and ‘winning’ – this is one race where you win just by taking part.


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  1. 2,300 words! I’m impressed. I still haven’t tallied mine up yet because I’m hoping to squeeze out another page or so before the stroke of midnight.

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