Nanowrimo survival tips 1 – Get support

Having got through last year’s ordeal, it’s time to remind myself and share the strategies that worked.

Get support

  1. Enlist help from your partner/family/housemates to make sure you get undisturbed writing time every day.
  2. Find other writers who are taking part – the Nanowrimo website has a number of forums but these were too impersonal for me. As I didn’t know any other Nanowrimo writers, I found some who were blogging their progress. Seeing their successes and how they overcame off days was a source of inspiration.
  3. Tell everyone you know that you are particiating.

This year I’ll be keeping an eye on these blogs:



  1. Oh guess what…I actually have a story to tell now. I had NO clue when I decided to do it again. But now, I do. Of course, who knows where it will go from there 😉

  2. I’m in the same place. It can be the most exciting way to write, if you let the story unfold as you write.

  3. Thanks for reading my stuff! I totally failed at Nano last year… Love the alps photo and the photo set it is linked to! Thanks!

  4. Excellent idea, breaking it down into small manageable chunks.

    What did me in the last time I tried it was getting too far behind, and then having to do 3200 words instead of 16,00, then 5000…until the mountain became just too steep. Am vowing not to let that happen this time.

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