Time well spent

the beginning of a hemmorhage

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I hate spending time on submissions.

While I can easily devote an hour or two to blogging, researching publications or literary agencies feel like such a waste of time. Especially when recently I seem to have assumed the role of official runner up.
The last batch of submissions have been returned with such comments as:

  • ‘ I really enjoyed it, but unfortunately… If you could resubmit in October…’ ( I have)
  • ‘we don’t have space for your story right now, … but I liked your style, the detachment, the large-view… please feel free to send more work for consideration… .’ (it’s in my diary)

But this was the best one I received last week:

‘Please send in the first three chapters…’

Preparing that submission didn’t feel like a waste of time.

And the week spent writing is going well – I am writing so much I am almost out of scrap paper. I usually have a stack of old print outs to scribble on – but I’m down to my last few pages. Today’s word count is around 2,500 and I’m finding it hard to tear myself away from it. If only it was always this easy.