Today's run

too fast

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Not so good today – I felt heavy on my feet without being able to pinpoint why. There was a fair bit of heel strike too, and no matter how much I tried to correct it, nothing made any difference.

I’m not surprised – it often happens this way when you’re learning something new.

But was a beautiful morning, with low sun filtered by autumn air making everything glow and shine.
I ran a little further (and faster) too – probably overstriding again.

Distance 2.5km.



  1. Hi Debra,

    Sounds like you’re doing well adjusting to running barefoot.

    The only thing I would add is that increasing the frequency of your training runs will really help, especially if you are concerned about keeping fitness, maintaining mileage, etc.

    Three runs of one mile in a day is much easier and better than one run of three miles. The body and mind seem to learn best through consistent repetition.

    Also, run slower than you’re used to, but keep the cadence quick — three steps per second. I’ve found a small metronome to be helpful with getting the correct rhythm.

    happy trails,


  2. Unless you’re some badass sprinter, I wouldn’t worry too much about heel strike or overstriding. Most runners strike either midfoot or heel, then roll off their forefoot. Just do what comes naturally. Run barefoot, run with shoes, mix it up. Listen to your body (shhh…not a metronome).

    Oh, and three one mile runs in a day? Easier, yes. Complete waste of time? Your call. But it probably takes 2km just to get warmed up. You wouldn’t write a novel by sitting down and writing one sentence, three times a day would you? No, you get into the flow. Same with running.

    And this is the best time of year for running, isn’t it? It seems like Fall colors are just dripping off the trees right now.

    Nice blog, BTW. Keep up the good work (running, writing). Persistence pays (eventually). Good luck.


  3. Thanks for the comments Asatar and Kurt. It’s really interesting to get a variety of opinions.

    I do worry about heel striking, that’s why I decided to try running barefoot. Though it’s not a problem for everyone -it is an issue for me, and though many people won’t have to worry about it, I was faced with a choice of finding a way to stop heel striking or give up running completely.

    I did think 4 days was too big a gap between runs – I’m going to aim for every other day, to give my feet a chance to recover.

    And yes – listening to your body is great advice.

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