On the run again

My  has healed sufficiently for me to be able to run again, and I managed to get 3 runs in last week.

It’s quite nice to be going back a few stages – I’m running in blocks of 8 minutes with a 2 minute rest so I don’t put too much strain on the injured area.

After a break I seem to be doing better with the Chi running. Interestingly, on the running barefoot yahoo group where I’ve been lurking for a while now, a few people have recommend chi running techniques to help with achieving the right posture for running barefoot.

Sunday’s run was the most fun – a warm sunny day and everyone was out in the park, a live band played while families sat on folding chairs eating picnics, a man read in a hammock, and the man-made lake was transformed into a toddlers’ paddling pool.

And I took my shoes off and ran the last few hundred metres barefoot to find out how it felt. Which was – weird. Suddenly the pavement which I’d considered to be quite flat turned out to be really uneven and it was so nice not to have sweaty feet. But the way I ran felt wrong somehow – I guess I’ll need to work on that.