Web marketing strategy

In my day job, I run a website, so I decided to start a new series of website tips that I pick up while I’m at work. It seems I just can’t get enough of the internet, even in my time off.

Today I came across an article on Evolt about return on investment.

This sounds like business speak – but it’s something that everyone running a website should be concerned about, whether you are a casual blogger, or like me, running the website of a global non-profit.

There’s a certain level of reluctance among the environmentalists I work with to use any of the ideas favoured by large corporations, but some business concepts are useful and marketing is one that no one competing for web exposure can afford to ignore.

Just because I’m not selling anything much doesn’t mean the concept is irrelevant. Mind you, we will be soon selling funky t-shirts like the one I’m wearing here:

On the Friends of the Earth International website, the product I’m marketing is environmentalism.

I really like the breakdown of site stats put forward by Troy Janisch – it’s much more what I look at with my blog – where returning visitors and comments are examples of key quantative feedback.

At work, I used to rely on visitor numbers and popular pages.

I’m proud to say that our website visitors increase by around 30% each year, so we must be doing something right. But now I’m going to dig deeper and work out what we’re doing right and how much of the time we’re doing it.



  1. Yikes..barefoot running!!! I’ll seriously check out the yahoo group just to see what it’s all about .Glad to hear you are back running ,a fresh start can be invigorating.

  2. I’ve had a couple of pops at website design for ‘reluctant’ clients.I’m not sure if they are wary of the new technology or have yet to be convinced of it’s usefullness. As far as I’m concerned if you have no effective online presence your message will not be cutting it.

    Also, you reminded me that my FOE subscription is overdue.I miss sending those postcards to John Prescott.

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