Roxanna Robinson

After reading Myfanwy Collins’ blog, I got in touch with Roxana Robinson to ask her about how she writes novels.

She had just given an interview to Barbara DeMarco-Barrett at her blog Pen On Fire. Here’s an excerpt:

The novel–which I also enjoy–is a much looser form, much more forgiving, capacious and generous. It takes on your form as you write it. If you write a novel over too many years, you find yourself disagreeing with your earlier self, as your thoughts appear in the beginning. You can stuff anything into the form, anything you’re thinking about right then, there’s room for it.

She also talks about the different reading processes:

You can read a novel in small doses, before you go to sleep, and you can rely on the narrative to remind you of who the characters are, and what’s going on. But a short story must be read in one sitting, and you must pay careful attention to it the whole time. So maybe the story is too demanding for the reader.


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  1. A cool interview – thanks for posting about it!

    However, sorry, I’m a bit confused by the different stages of this… Are you going to write about what she told you?

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