Why I don't use orthotics

When I got my PF diagnosis, I was offered othortics. I grabbed them with both hands. At that time, any walking was agony – and running was just a dream.

I broke my feet in gently, and within a month, I was feeling much better.

After a while, I even started running again. But after a couple of months, I started getting pain in my lower leg. Another trip to the podiatrist confirmed that the orthotics were the cause and they were adjusted.

At this stage I started to wonder – the orthotics were supposed to be healing me, not making things worse. I stopped running, had a course of physio, and had continuous painful cramp-like pain in my leg.

I took a winter beach holiday – orthotics just weren’t practical – the sand got in the leather lining, so I stopped wearing them.

Then I found this website, – it spelled out something that had been bothering me all along:

The trouble with most of these nostrums (e. g., stretching the calf muscles, getting a massage, cutting back on training, hitting the non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, and icing) is that they don’t really address what’s going on.

I started doing the stretches recommended in this article religiously every night, and it worked. I even got out running again.

Since then, I had one hiccup, when to cut a long story short, I cut back and did only calf stretches. My PF came back with a vengeance. Calf stretches will keep me walking, but not running.

I’ve learned my lesson.
I stretch every night – no excuses. 5 minutes a day is all it takes – it’s a bargain.



  1. That’s a great article. Thanks. I’ve had good luck with orthotics, but the PF keeps coming back. I’ll try stretching and keep you posted!

  2. I just stumbled on you this morning via Technorati and you’ve struck a nerve with me. I’m I guess what you’d call a veteran runner who’se sort of been reborn into several realizations. One is that we need to strengthen our bodies instead of relying on SHOES and othodics to protect us from nature. Another is that proper running technique will protect us from injury. You are a Chirunner – I am a Pose Method runner. It’s all good. Whatever you can do to take control over your own running and body is terrific. Keep it up!

  3. oh, I also meant to say you might want to try to barefoot running. It is GREAT for strengthening the feet and legs!

  4. Thanks, Mark. I have read something on your blog about Pose & running barefoot. The concept of running barefoot is a bit scary but I’m going to give it a try.

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