Blogging with images

P. A. Moed uses photos to illustrate her blog postings. She’s a good writer with a photographer’s eye.

She posts about once a month (once a week might be a better idea – if you want to keep people coming back fresh content is essential).

The posts are well thought out, and the paragraphs are reasonably short – so it’s easy to read on screen.

Other writers and bloggers use images creatively – check out Debbie Ridpath Ohi’s prolific internet presence at Inkygirl, Blatherings and Flickr.

Debbie is one of those creative people who seems to be good at just about everything.

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  1. Thanks Deborah for the bit on my blog! You’re right about writing new entries every week…that would be ideal. My next piece is on food…a rhapsody on good pizza. I’ll bookmark your site.

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