I must be. I’m already ahead of the game, on 39,000 words, where my target is 35,000, but I’m cruising at around 1800 words a day.

Today I decided to up my target, so now I should get the 50,000 words finished by Friday.

You might think I’m crazy but it makes good sense. I was happier when I was catching up than when I’d caught up. Since I caught up I don’t have a target to reach for – I have one that I can regularly beat.

And I found that it’s no fun staying on top, but it’s fun getting on top.

I have been wondering how these people with the high output who say they have a day job and kids and commitments, have been able to do it. I don’t know if this is their secret, but I think it is a way you can reach your goal, and if you’re lucky, surpass it. So the point is to find a target you can achieve comfortably, then set a new target that beats it.

So for the next five days I’m aiming for 2,150 words, and I hope that not only will it make me finish my novel earlier, but it will make it a more enjoyable process.

It easier for me than some people to maintain this output – I have a four-day a week job, so I get a day a week to write, and that really helps. But it hasn’t helped enough this week. Last week I got over 3,500 words done on Friday, this week only 2,500, and the only difference I could see was that I was less motivated. So maybe the people who have already finished have done so by keeping on adjusting their targets upwards.

Of course it helps if you don’t get behind in the first place, but some people have more complicated lives than others.
Word count29,280/50,000 (79%)