What do you mean, it's deleted?

Yesterday started fine, I woke up at 6, my head buzzing with ideas. I wrote 900 words before work, but during the day tiredness caught up with me and I got one of those headaches that won’t go away until you sleep. An hour in bed after work sorted me out and I got just past my daily target to 1823 words.

This morning I get up and switch on, open the file. Every single word is showing up as deleted. It’s still there but I can’t do anything with it. My backed up copy is the same.


Once I stopped panicking I knew what to do. I’ve reluctantly switched back to MS word for this novel – the word count in Open Office isn’t good enough – it only counts the whole file. And the macro I to count selected text installed is just plain wrong. But luckily, I could open the file in open office and it was fine so I resaved.
<word count: 15260/50,000 (31%)