Making sandwiches

Originally posted on Robert Jackson Bennett:
I don’t normally post about the writing process here – as in, like, detailed descriptions of characterizations, writing action scenes, etc. – because A. those sorts of…

Slow photography

Back last December on a birthday weekend in Belgium I lent my camera to a stranger and this is the result. The waitress in the café was amazed by my camera when I… Continue reading

I shoot film

This shot was taken on a dull day, weather wise. But silver birches are anything but dull, even when the sky is overcast. I love their luminosity and the gnarled texture of the… Continue reading


I have longed to stop here every time I’ve passed by. You can see the top of the sculpture from the motorway, a gentle dreaming head above a line of trees. It seems… Continue reading

Week 35 — In Character

Earlier this year I took part in a project. Not any old project – it was a Big Project. An attempt to learn about some great photographers by paying homage to them. I… Continue reading